Getting Old Requires Courage

I have not been feeling well. Despite several medicines a day, and excellent care by my amazing vet, and the care and love of my human companions, I am not getting better. I am 10.5 human years old, and that is about 75 dog years. So, my body is letting me know.

Took a walk with my friend in the Sun today

 It felt good.


More Grey Hairs

My age is starting to show in more places
 than just my grey chin.
 I am now 70 1/2 years old in Human years.
Now I have grey flecks in my face.
My elbows are still giving me trouble on cold days,
but other than that, I am feeling much better
 thanks to my awesome Vet and her staff,
and the love and care of my human companions.
 I hope that you have good friends
who take good care of you
when you are feeling bad.
Those are the finest friends of all.
They are truly life savers.

Ella is a Patient Observer

Ella is watching the human companions.

Tulane Dogs!

I wish that I could have gone full time to Tulane when I was just a puppy. 
I was content to play under the oak trees on occasion with Ella. 
I am so glad to know that Tulane is now part of this important program. 
Four Legged Greenie Grads  are awesome. 



Running in the Cold instead of blogging

Well,I haven't posted in awhile, but I still hit a milestone of over 5000 page views. Not bad for an old dog. The cold weather makes me want to run outside more. How about you? Hey. Take a look at this blog. He is a good photographer and a good human too. http://zacksmithphoto.blogspot.com/


Post Surgery Care

"Vog made it out of surgery and is resting now, thanks to his amazing and gifted Vet.
He had  his lumps removed and  his teeth cleaned.  He had dinner and breakfast just fine, and is no longer walking like a drunken sailor.   His human companions are very grateful."


Vog is "Under the Weather"

"Vog has been very uncomfortable due to a large cyst under his front paw. After some agonizing days waiting for test results to come back, and fearing the worst, as bumps spread throughout his body in a matter of hours, the test results came back non cancerous. He is on medications that all bumps are responding to,  and resting.  We are grateful. "
- Vog's Human companions


Royal Dog Spa Treatment

We got Royal Dog Spa Treatment at the most fantastic Scrubby Puppy Dog Spa at Good Dog Naturally in Covington . Tuesdays are half off !!! Ella loved the warm water and I loved all the fresh towels!!!! Y'all gotta check them out!!!


Ella Snores

But I still love her. 


Eight Years Ago Today

Today I am remembering all the good humans who helped me when we were travelling the gulf coast after Katrina washed ashore. 
I was just a puppy then.. but people left tennis balls and toys for me and dog treats. One of the places that we stayed at was full of cats, dogs, turtles, birds, and fish.. I made friends -and my human companions took such good care of me. 
I felt so sorry for all those pets left behind because the storm was not supposed to come our way.
I gave lots of love to the humans who lost their pets after katrina, and lots to the first responders who were missing their pets at home.
Humans would just walk up to me and hug me...needing comfort... wetting my fur with their tears.. I just kissed and licked their sorrow away the best that I could. This happened for at least a year afterwards.
I will never forget them.They showed me that I had a gift for healing hurt and that I could do my part in this great disaster.
Blessings to all the animals out there who didn't make it, and also who did. I am so grateful for my human companions for taking such good care of me eight years ago. and letting me watch Clifford the Big Red Dog instead of the TV coverage of the aftermath. Be kind to one another , always. 

Love to you all, Vog.


My New Hat

Is it me? 

My Best Buddy

Ella is my best friend. We  like to just hang out together.


Waiting for a Sunny Day

Today is unseasonably cool. 
We are hunkered down and tired of the Thunder.


The Sun is Warm and Wonderful

With all this rain finally gone..
it is nice to see the sun again.
Ella loves taking naps in the warm of the sun.


Vog's New Year's Resolutions

This year, I resolve to:Take more Naps!
Take more Baths
Beg less table treats
Stay off of  Goose  & Rabbit Poop treats
 Run with the Humans More
 Take care of my aging bones
Not steal the human's shoes and hit them on the head to wake them up while they are sleeping in late
( that one will be difficult, cause its so much fun!)
 and Play More with Ella !
This year, I resolve to:
Wear more beautiful costumes than before
Take more Baths
Not bite when I get my nails done
Beg less table treats
not be so obsessed with the cats
 Run with the Humans More
Lick Less in Public
Sneak No Poop treats
 Share my toys
steal less socks
 not steal the bathmat while the humans are in the shower
( that one will be difficult, cause its so much fun!)
 and Play More with Vog!



More on the Art of Begging

Sometimes it is not enough to just wait patiently

Sometimes Ella -Gator uses her super powers to get treats!


Ella is ready for Hurricane Isaac to Leave

Is it gone yet???
Why isn't gone?
 Why can't I go outside and play?
 Why not???

What To Do During A Hurricane

"Hunker Down" and conserve energy


Enough of the Heat Already!

Ella and I are ready for Winter. We already have our coats. Bring it on!


Sweet Ella Loves to Lounge on the Porch

Wanna Play?

Bright Summer Sunlight

It is warm on the porch this summer, which is fine for Ella. She loves it. I find the glare annoying.

Living With a Rabbit

Ella likes to take over our Dog Bed
we lare happy that she feels comfy in our home.
She always approaches from the sides- first right,
then left.. she is fast!
Then she will come up face to face and
give me a sweet bunny kiss full of whiskers!



Me and Josephine B. Bunny

Josie likes to snuggle when I take a nap
Me and Josie hanging out..
with Ella's nose to the left
watching her every move...


A Visit From My Old Friend

Today I got a visit from an old friend this afternoon.
It has been a year since since he stopped by and I missed him.
It was nice to hang out a little and
I hope that he comes back to visit again soon.
 Life is short for people, and even shorter for us dogs.
It is therefore even more important to spend time with your buddies
and let them know that you care.


Yellow Jackets

Poor little Ella got stung by a yellow jacket ambush...


Vog's Lament - The Future of Our Daily Times Picayune

Our  local paper, the Times Picayune,  has announced recently that it will cease daily publication and only publish three days a week.  The humans are quite upset about this, as they read it daily- all of it.. and they have several friends who work at the TP as it is known, and they are very concerned about their future. Well. What about us four legged TP aficionados??  Has no one considered the impact of a daily going to just three days for all of us in the animal kingdom??? Really?  Humans talk about how important it is to read their daily paper with their coffee. But they can still get the news online.  What about all those pups? and puppies??  I was born, weaned and raised on the Times Picayune. Literally!!! I learned to fetch the daily delivery with the Times Picayune. I even helped to house train my beloved Ella-Gator on the TP. It is integral to our  lives and the lives of so very many other canines and animals.. Heck, even Ms. Joesphine B. Bunny likes it too. Although she tends to shred it.  So you humans take note.. We will not be at the Rock and Bowl, or the Rally, but we sure have  a nose for NEWS, and we like ours on paper every day. ..  What follows is my sad song about the changes to come. Oh, say it ain't so!


Meeting Josephine B. Bunny

She was very sweet


You Can't Fool Ella's Nose

Ella inspects everything with her nose.
She can tell where the human's have been,
what they have eaten,
who they have been with,
if they have been shopping, dancing,
 at the zoo, or the park,
or visiting with other animals,
 and lots more..
With just  a few whiffs...
Ella knows through her nose!

Me too, only I check out the car tires
to see where they have been,
and I can tell when the dinner is done,
before anyone can...
Then Ella and I compare notes on everything.
We think our noses are  just one of the
very best things about being a dog!


Ella- McGator St. Patrick's Day and her Irish Heritage

Ella- McGator dressed as a Banshee for St. Patrick's Day Festivities
 Well, St. Patrick's Day came along again this year and 
my darling Ms. Green Ella Gator,  
although found in a dumpster in 
St. John the Baptist Parish,  
and totally undocumented as to her "roots",
 is quite certain that she is of "Irish" descent . 
She seems to think that one of her ancestors 
was an Irish setter, 
since  her coat is so soft and
she is very affectionate 
is good with children,
and plays deaf to many commands..
 Well, in any event-
While we cannot  find documentation of this as of yet,
for St. Patrick's Day, Ella becomes
Ms. Ella McGator 
 and loves to participate in the "wearing of the green."
You know how much Ella likes to dress up. 
This year she donned a green scarf and 
 went as a Banshee, which ,
because she has a very loud and persistant bark,
was easy enough for her.
 I think that she was inspired by this
urban dog  who dressed in ribbons..
and had her toes painted for the occasion.




Cowboy Couch-Potatoes

Yippy !Tie! Yie! ......Yawn.... snort... snort....


Walking the Humans

Humans need regular exercise...
Try to walk them as often as possible!



I Love to Run the Humans on the Lakefront

Our runs on the lake are my favorite kind,
especially when it is foggy.


Sing Along Song for the New Year!

Turn DOWN your speakers...


Happy New Year!- Please celebrate responsibly

Pets are often lost during New Year's Eve and Fourth of July,
since the fireworks scare them and they run away from home.
ease be considerate of your neighborhood pets during this holiday.


Ella Loves to Play Tennis!

I am Guarding the Stove- It Smells Wonderful!

I Love to Sing with the Harmonica

If I nose the drawer enough, the humans will get it out and play it for me..
They are not that good,
but it is fun to sing along
and I love it!


Cross-eyed Cat

Sometimes when Ella gets really excited, she goes cross-eyed.
It makes her look even cuter.


Stalking the Diner

We know that he has corn chips...


Things We Are Thankful For

Our feed stores and the wonderful people there.
A warm place by the stove on a cold night.
Our human companions whom we adore.
An occasional pat on the back.
Each other's good company.
Cool floors on a hot day.
Tail Wagging.
Our dog treats.
Our buddies.
Nap time.



Sam Left us these cool Pirate Costumes
when he came to visit us for Mardi Gras.
Thanks Sam!  Happy Halloween!

It's Costume Time !?!

Where is my Halloween Costume??!!??

I'm sleepy. Wake me when you are ready...