Ella- McGator St. Patrick's Day and her Irish Heritage

Ella- McGator dressed as a Banshee for St. Patrick's Day Festivities
 Well, St. Patrick's Day came along again this year and 
my darling Ms. Green Ella Gator,  
although found in a dumpster in 
St. John the Baptist Parish,  
and totally undocumented as to her "roots",
 is quite certain that she is of "Irish" descent . 
She seems to think that one of her ancestors 
was an Irish setter, 
since  her coat is so soft and
she is very affectionate 
is good with children,
and plays deaf to many commands..
 Well, in any event-
While we cannot  find documentation of this as of yet,
for St. Patrick's Day, Ella becomes
Ms. Ella McGator 
 and loves to participate in the "wearing of the green."
You know how much Ella likes to dress up. 
This year she donned a green scarf and 
 went as a Banshee, which ,
because she has a very loud and persistant bark,
was easy enough for her.
 I think that she was inspired by this
urban dog  who dressed in ribbons..
and had her toes painted for the occasion.